How to enter a single/multiple meter readings with MPAN

  • Your MPAN(s) number can be found on any invoice from Corona Energy or within your contract (Schedule A) and should be 13 digits long and fully numeric (no spaces or other characters).
  • Enter the meter reading in the correct field under the correct Meter Serial Number and Register ID as this should be fully numeric with no decimal places and should not include the red numbers on your meter.
  • Enter the date in the correct field as the date must be within the last 21 days. Future dates are not accepted.
  • Once you are ready to submit  ‘Drag & drop files’ in the indicated location in Option 2, you will see a message displayed stating your file has been accepted or a message will be displayed stating an error has been made.
  • If shows an error, amend and re-submit Read(s) again.

Alternatively you can email your electricity meter reads to

What to do if you haven’t already created a myCorona Account?

To obtain your unique log in details you can call us on 0800 804 8589 or email our team at