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A week in the life of…

Broker Relationship Manager

Written by Chris Davies, Broker Relationship Manager at Corona Energy, April 2017.

I am a fairly new addition to the Corona team, joining from a brokerage in September 2016.

I was very fortunate to have worked at an excellent consultancy before I joined Corona Energy and my time there helped me understand the value a broker can bring to their clients.

My role is to be a central point of contact for my brokers, for all of their pricing support and general queries.  I am also here to help promote the products and services so that they can get the most from Corona Energy.

Monday morning starts the same as most weekdays, I like to get up nice an early to beat the traffic on the morning commute so I set my alarm nice and early.  If I have any trouble getting up then my five month old son is sure to wake me, or failing that I get lovely face wash from my dog, Alfie.

Once up I make the commute over to our vibrant offices in Watford, It’s unlike anywhere else I have ever worked, with nearly 200colleagues all on the one floor and reminders on the walls of what sets us apart, including our values and the Corona mission statement, ‘to make a positive difference every day’.

My day usually starts with coffee and a planning session and team huddle. In such a fast paced environment I like to make sure I have visibility of the important key tasks so that they don’t get drowned out by what is just simply urgent at a particular moment.  Any plans I make must be fluid otherwise it will be dead in the water by 9.30am!

Each day the prices change depending on the global markets, and this means it is essential that our brokers are informed and assisted with getting contracts sent over to their clients as quickly as possible.  Although pricing is obviously very important for consultants, the decision of their client isn’t always based on who is the cheapest, as that can be a penny wise but pound foolish approach to picking a supplier.  We encourage our brokers to help their clients understand more about the Corona offering which is not just a good price but providing our customers with the best possible customer experience.  We can boast a net promotor score that stands head and shoulders above our competitors and an extremely low number of metering issues against other suppliers in the market.

Further in the week we have with a team meeting to ensure that we are up to date with the latest news in the industry.  The energy industry is extremely dynamic so regularly ‘sharpening the saw’ means that we can be trusted advisors to our clients and customers.  This level of expertise helps form great relationships with our brokers.

As well as assisting our brokers with pricing and information on our offering, I also work with developing relationships with new TPI’s that wish to have Corona as partner. To do this I like to learn as much about the TPI as possible so that I get a good understanding of their business, what they hope to achieve with Corona as a partner and what they can do to add to the SME portfolio.

If needed I can also request my colleague Helen to pay a visit as a face to face conversation can sometimes be helpful to get things off the ground.  Once set up we work hard to make ourselves available to our brokers to provide a consistent service with good advice and excellent responsiveness.

I like to have as little as possible hanging over me on the following Monday so I like to wrap up as much work as I can. If quotes haven’t come back as contracts I like to know why so that I can plan to refresh prices nearer the time to a decision being made. If a contract does arrive then I need to make sure we match the prices up on our system and ensure that all paperwork is valid and acceptable. We pride ourselves on endeavouring to get things right first time and locking contracts into the system is certainly an area I don’t want to get wrong!

Once the contract has been signed off by management and approved by credit I respond to our TPI to confirm the start date of the contract which our meter operations team will be applying for.

At the end of Friday I tie up the last of my admin for the week so that I can prepare to do it all again next week.

So far my time at Corona has been busy every day, and I have never been involved in so many projects and given so many opportunities before.  This has meant that my personal development at Corona has been significant and I look forward to bright and exciting future with the company and working with our TPI’s.

Corona Energy Editor