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How to build a commercial workforce – Our story…

By Zsuzsanna Kispal – Head of Human Resources

Zsuzsanna has worked at Corona Energy for nine years and has been Head of Human Resources for the last five years.’How to build a commercial business..Our Story…’ is the fourth instalment of a six part series, visit us again on Thursday 25th May for the fifth instalment!

At Corona, we believe in making a positive difference today.

This means we want to continue to see our staff and customers thrive and grow and as a result continue to deliver bottom line growth.

Everyone shares in the profit of the business which aligns staff with customers and bottom line interests.

It’s easy to assume that in a business everyone does things from a commercial mind set.

However we have found that in a very operational business like ours, you have to be very intentional if you want everyone to think and act in this way.

Commerciality is one of the 4 pillars of our myCEO vision.

We have found that to be commercial we need to make the best use of resource / time / talent and money to deliver the greatest return.

Why is it so important to be commercial?

  • To survive and grow in an ever-changing and disruptive market
  • To enable everyone to treat work decisions as their personal decisions eg. To treat company money as your own
  • To speed up and improve the quality of all decision-making by enabling everyone to ask what impact they are wanting to achieve rather than escalating to someone else just because of their level of seniority
  • To deliver a return on investment compared to other alternatives
  • To view our people as our assets (we don’t have production assets or a massive customer base) so we have to be commercial.

Engaging everyone in this philosophy multiplies the potential of each person and as a result an organisation (as well as making a day way more exciting!).

A great example of this is Hazel, our wonderful receptionist, who generated a £15K deal for the business through a routine query from a customer.  She took the call; she dealt with the query herself without passing the customer onto someone else. Then by listening to the customer on the call she spotted the opportunity to help the customer with additional services and products.

Her story is not an isolated one. Over 80% of people in the business today can tangibly link in with the bottom line growth of the business.

This has been an amazing step change in our business over the last 2 years including laughs and tears along the way.  The key has been our continuous commitment and focus on the myCEO behaviours.

How do we go about it?

Paint the why, state the what and be intentional on the how.

  1. Start with the ‘why’ – at Corona Energy we are great fans of Simon Sinek and have adapted many of his theories.  Engaging people in the “why” has been the most successful by far.
  2. Clarity on the ‘how’ – once people understand the reasons behind the change they also need clarity on their roles, how they can link in with the change and what’s expected of them. Constantly simplifying and linking it back to behaviours has been key,
  3. Measure the ‘what’ – everyone has pleasantly stretching  individual and team commerciality targets in place encouraging everyone to contribute to the growth of the business
  4. Provide support – coaching and peer mentoring are the most effective ways to adopt new behaviours like commerciality.  Regular discussions and one to ones are key to track progress and give guidance to embed the behaviours.
  5. Give Trust and Freedom – Always give more trust than people expect and freedom to do their job their way whilst setting clear boundaries to ensure alignment with the business

12 months ago, 20% of the organisation could connect with and demonstrate commercial and profitable results primarily through their day to day.

Through the above endeavours, this is now approximately 80% and we have only just begun.

The best is yet to come.

If you would like to learn more or would like to build your career at Corona Energy please contact, call Molly/Kerry in the Recruitment Team on 0800 804 8589 or visit our website for more information.

Corona Energy Editor