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Encouraging Disruption in the Work Place

The best idea could come from anyone or anywhere. Our industry and the general working world is changing so rapidly we must tap in to all resources available to us including our workforce by engaging and encouraging staff to innovate and disrupt with ideas no matter how big or small.

By Zsuzsanna Kispal – Head of Human Resources

Zsuzsanna has worked at Corona Energy for nine years and has been Head of Human Resources for the last five years. Corona Energy believes in myCEO, which is everyone thinking, acting, feeling and growing as if they were the CEO of the business every day. ‘Encouraging Disruption in the workplace!’ is the third instalment of a six part series, visit us again on Thursday 18th May for the fourth instalment!

Day-to-day innovation

Our vision within myCEO is to enable everyone to feel they can share new ideas and through this make a positive difference to staff, customers and the business.

However, constant innovation can be quite challenging and disruptive to a well-oiled, tried and tested day-to-day operation.

A year ago most business improvement ideas came from Corona’s senior managers and mid – management.

Three Main Blockers

We found that there were three main blockers that stop people from innovating and not having an idea is not one of them!

1- Lack of space to stop, think and reflect.

2- Lack of a sharing platform to make it easy to share new ideas.

3-The pressure on people to drive their ideas forward in addition to their day to day job.

At Corona we believe that innovation doesn’t have to be big and scary. All our staff are encouraged to share any ideas big and small.

Our challenge was to create a framework that allowed staff to have the space and time to innovate, facilitate an easy platform to share ideas and a develop a structure to drive ideas forward without putting too much pressure on the day-to-day.

Then Corona Energy’s Ideas Days were born.

How does it work?

1- Each staff member is encouraged to take a paid day off from work to think about their idea. They may go to an industry related event, take days off together with a colleague to collaborate on ideas or stay at home and use the day to reflect.

2- To help share innovative ideas workshops are scheduled each month where people can come along and present their ideas to other staff members, line managers and senior leaders, or even come along for inspiration. These meetings are always fun and often the original idea is evolved and progressed into something bigger and better!

3- Finally the ideas are assessed by a dedicated internal team and allocated out to the relevant part of the business for implementation.


Since the introduction of the Ideas Days programme a year ago over 100 people contributed 160 commercial ideas and 15 of those have already been implemented with a tangible business impact.

If you would like to learn more or would like to build your career at Corona Energy please contact, call Molly/Kerry in the Recruitment Team on 0800 804 8589 or visit our website for more information.

Corona Energy Editor