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Energy News from 2017….

Overall 2017 was a good news year at Corona Energy.

The Green Gas Certification scheme announced that we had made the largest volume of green gas sales of any supplier, we recorded a step up in our Gas I&C market share to 14% and along with the rest of the industry we survived Nexus going live.

The biggest industry news came in December with the announcement that 2017 was the UK’s greenest year ever! Over 13 different renewable energy records were broken including the most electricity produced from solar power at any one moment, and the most wind power produced in a day.

Gareth Redmond-King, Head of Energy and Climate at WWF said: “We have never been cleaner or greener – and we are on course for an even better year in 2018.”

Prior to that we had the amazing announcement that Friday 21st April was the FIRST EVER coal free day since the Industrial Revolution- let’s hope that this is a sign of things to come!

Take a look at other news we highlighted throughout 2017:

  • In May we saw the first ever yacht sail around the world using only hydrogen & renewable energy!
  • The Metropolitan Police began trialling hydrogen scooters – Combating both crime & air pollution at the same time!
  • The Greater London Authority & TFL announced they will roll out 1,500 new charging points for electric vehicles across the capital.
  • It was announced that new diesel & petrol vehicles will be banned from 2040 in UK.
  • Unilever revealed they are now powered by 100% renewable energy across UK manufacturing sites.

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