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Green Innovation from Around the World

Green innovation is high on the agenda across the world and more and more we are hearing of weird and wonderful ideas that are not only helping us save energy but helping to maintain our planet too.

From energy producing dance floors in Rotterdam to Eco-Gin powered by hydroelectricity in Scotland, take a look at some of the things being implemented from around the world:

  • London based company Bio-Bean are turning left over coffee beans into energy that can be used to heat buildings
  • Purdue University students are developing smart fabric to power wearable technology by converting body heat into electricity!
  • A collapsed coal mine in China has been transformed into a floating Solar Farm with approximately 166,000 panels
  • Festival goers’ urine was transformed into energy to power display boards at Glastonbury  
  • Swiss company Kaleo Solar created solar panels featuring HD images so selfies could help generate power!
  • Scientists in Sweden made the discovery that flowers can become supercapacitors for energy storage potentially changing the industry.

Big companies are listening too; Whitbread PLC, owners of some of the biggest household brands such as Costa, Premier Inn and the Beefeater Grill are now powered by 100% renewable sources, alongside all of Unilever’s manufacturing sites in the UK.

Awareness is also being raised by global events such as Earth Hour, which was held at 8.30pm GMT on Saturday 24th March 2017. During this hour 187 countries took part by switching the lights off at 3,100 landmarks and monuments and 350 plus ambassadors and influencers joined the movement.

2017 saw the first ever yacht sail around the world using only hydrogen & renewable energy, the UK hit a clean energy milestone with 50% of electricity being created from renewable sources and last but not least, Friday 21st April was the FIRST EVER coal free day since the Industrial Revolution!

All of this and we are only in July… Watch this space!

Corona Energy Editor