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Insights into my role as a Learning and Development Consultant

Written by Moj Ali, Learning and Development Consultant, October 2017.

In the L&D team we live by our mission statement: “To Lead Cultural and People Development through Inspired Learning.”

I started at Corona Energy in June 2017 eager to work in a thriving organisation where people are central to its success.

Lucky for me I was given the important opportunity to play a role in making sure that continues to grow.

I’ve always been curious in nature, a useful trait for working in L&D (Learning and Development).

With the responsibility of serving all internal customers (that’s everyone who works at Corona Energy) you need to know your customers in order serve them! That in itself is a fairly difficult task but along with zero experience of the Energy Sector I had the challenge of getting to know several teams as well as their role and what they do!

Not having the industry knowledge wasn’t as difficult as it first appeared and that was all down to the warm welcome I received when joining the team. Everyone at Corona Energy is super supportive and there’s a willingness to go above and beyond from quite an extraordinary team of people.

Having everyone on one floor with an open plan office also helps to go out and start a conversation with anyone and everyone – great for my role where building relationships is important.

There is a genuine emphasis for people growth and development at Corona Energy with everyone in the business dedicating on average at least four hours of personal development each month.

L&D supports management to coach and develop their teams to realise their potential. As a result you can see the link between business success and people’s growth.

We believe in development

As part of our L&D offering we have every member of the business embrace Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The 7 Habits programme is a proven self-leadership system designed to help you become more effective not only in your professional lives but equally in your personal lives.

Every new team member that joins us is taken through the programme within their first six months and we’ve had some astonishing success stories as a result, from being able to amaze our customers to achieving lifelong personal goals.

What’s new?

We’re invested in finding fresh ways to make learning and building capability even better at Corona Energy. e-Learning is one tool we’re utilising increasingly in innovative ways to offer a more flexible and blended approach to learning that is both engaging and impactful for our learners.

Corona Energy Editor