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Insights into my role as a Gas Operations Analyst

Written by Danielle Chalk, Gas Operations Analyst, November 2017.

My Corona Energy journey began back in June 2014.

I had no experience in the energy industry and was, quite frankly, very worried about all the acronyms in my job description that I didn’t understand!

My first role in the Operations team was as a supply point administrator, facilitating the smooth transfer of new business gas meters into our portfolio. I needn’t have worried about all the acronyms – in no time at all, I was fluent in ‘energy-speak’!

The training I received was amazing, I felt like a part of the team almost instantly and I loved the culture of Corona.

After a year working in the SPA team (see how the acronyms just sneak up on you?!), I was offered the opportunity to work in the AMR department (more acronyms…!), in this role I was still working with new business gas meters but this time I was liaising with our external party to advise of new AMR install requests and to keep a record of ongoing installs. A few months after this, I found out I was pregnant.

My team leader was so supportive of me at this time, the high pressure of the AMR role was too much for me when I was in such an emotional condition, and she arranged a share in my role so I had less AMR and took back some of my old supply point administration duties.

When I returned from my maternity leave I was ready for a new challenge and again, Corona was more than willing to help me progress. I began assisting with the shipper agreed reads (or SARs if you fancy another acronym!) alongside my role in the SPA team. When the main lead in our team for SARs went on maternity leave (don’t worry, it’s not something in the water in Operations!), I stepped up to take over her role – now including dealing with intershipper disputes and late transfers.

Also during this time, we were testing for the biggest change to the gas industry – the implementation of NEXUS, Xoserve’s upgraded system. When this came in June 2017, we were all on the edge of our seats – would the months of testing be fruitful? Thankfully, there was very little disruption and we were all proud of our fantastic achievement!

In addition to my role in Operations, I wanted to do something that would contribute to the culture of Corona – so I volunteered to be part of the Sports & Social Committee. A team of six of us plan events for the whole company; including quizzes, karaoke and lunchtime tournaments. I feel like these events bring everyone together outside of work, to enjoy each other’s company outside of the workplace- it really makes me feel like I’m adding a little something extra to people’s Corona experience.

So here I am, three and a half years since I started working at Corona – I’ve learned a lot about the energy industry and all those acronyms don’t flummox me anymore!

Corona Energy Editor