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My Role as an Executive Assistant at Corona Energy

Written by Sarah West, Executive Assistant, January 2018.

I joined Corona Energy in January 2017 working as an Executive Assistant to the Strategy Group- made up of the senior management across all departments of the business.

This is my 30th year working as an assistant and over that time I have worked for some amazing people and different types of companies. I have seen many changes, especially in technology. In my first role, I used a typewriter, but the base line is still the same- to assist, support and ensure that everyone’s time is used as productively as possible.

I primarily support four members and their teams.  Working as an EA – no two days or should I say two hours are the same, and that’s what’s really great about the role- its hands on and really fast paced.

My main task is diary management-  I need to ensure that those I look after’s day is as productive as possible and they are where they are supposed to be!

My other duties include booking travel such as flights, trains and hotels for team members meetings, managing expenses and ensuring my SG have all the required documentation for each meeting they attend.

On a monthly basis all the EA’s coordinate the main internal meeting for all 220 members of the team, ensuring we have the best time in the diary and everything that needs to be covered is logistically possible.

Our office is open plan which is fantastic for someone in my position as it means I am easily accessible to the people I support if they need me and if I need to find out answers to questions quickly I can go and ask direct rather than having to rely on email.

I immediately felt welcomed by everyone at Corona Energy, everyone’s friendly and I work directly with a great team of people. There are lots of exciting initiatives and positive opportunities to make a difference within Corona, bringing new ideas to the table is widely encouraged.

The people and the culture are amazing and I am really excited about the future of Corona for many years to come.

Corona Energy Editor