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My Role in the Corona Energy Finance Team

Written by Chris James, Management Accountant, November 2017.

I started at Corona Energy just over a year ago in the credit management department, with a background in accounting.

After just over six months I was given the chance to join the finance team as I had built a reputation of being hard working and having a good understanding of the business functions.

In finance we oversee functions from every part of the business, and no day is ever truly the same. My particular role in finance is the management accounts, which primarily focuses on taking the financial information coming from the business and analysing it so we can provide advice and focus for internal decision making.

Our day to day activities involve meeting with the company line management to ensure that their financials are on track and that our budget is up to date and forecasted for future years, so our investors and auditors are satisfied Corona is moving forward in a positive direction. The other areas of finance we are responsible for is paying and reconciling our invoices, ensuring that all of our suppliers are paid on time and within their payment terms.

We take great pride in always ensuring that we have a great reputation for always paying our suppliers either within or before their payment terms.

Our particular stress points are month end and year end, where all the accounts have to be prepared and submitted. However in this time the team really pulls together, with most of the team willing to learn different aspects of the department so they can support others when they are behind. In finance we really understand how the team function works and put real emphasis in operating as a unit.

One of the most challenging parts of working in finance is knowing what work to prioritise. You need to have an understanding of all the business functions to understand how your work can affect the rest of the business. We can be asked to produce bespoke reports on any given area of the business at any time, and being able to manage those expectations and requirements in line with your critical workload can be hard. However I always know that if I ever need support, our team has such a variety of expertise that I always have somebody who I can turn to who will be willing to point me in the right direction.

I’ve always been sociable and enjoy involving myself in all aspects of the business and this was quickly identified by my managers who then built my roles responsibilities around this. As a result you will always see me around the office offering my support and guidance. I can’t emphasise enough how Coronas values of investing in their people has helped me really build my career and always given me the confidence to try new things and its great to know I will always have the support of my colleagues and managers.

My time so far at Corona has been so rewarding and has opened up so many doors to my career. Every day I learn something new that I know will help me in future, but also help me support Corona to become bigger and better. Every individual you encounter in any department is always happy to help any way they can and it’s such a friendly atmosphere.

It’s really refreshing to be in a position where you can immerse yourself into the company culture and really see the positive impact it has on you and everyone around you. I look forward to continuing my journey with Corona and welcome the opportunities and experiences that accompany it.

Corona Energy Editor