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Take a look at my Nine Years at Corona Energy

Written by Lana Wooltorton, Customer Service Account Executive, July 2017

Hi, I’m Lana, and I currently work in the Corporate Customer Service team looking after our new large Public Procurement customers.

In November this year I will have clocked up nine years of service for our wonderful company and I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed!

I ventured over here from Christchurch, New Zealand, back in 2008 (you know the place where all of the best Rugby players in the WORLD come from). I remember arriving into London and the plane looped round over the city centre so we could see all those spectacular buildings and sites that to me, only really existed on TV!

I was taken in by a lovely Irish lady who worked with an old colleague of mine, she didn’t know me from a bar of soap and took me in anyway..  Three months of living in luxury for me!

I had to find a job!!!  I met Val Thompson, a recruiter and she got the ball rolling.  I went to an interview at another large energy supplier, and while I was waiting to hear back from them she told me of a temping position at Corona Energy working in the Siteworks team, scanning in all their paperwork into the system – not exactly my dream job – but I knew there were roles coming up in Customer Service so it was a cunning plan to get my foot in the door.

Clearly it worked! I began training in a small cramped office in Brent Cross under the wing of our Training Officer, Aileen, while she imparted her wisdom and knowledge.

I began life in CCS (known as OGC back in those days) where the team looked after large Governmental contracts. I knew nothing of this industry at all so it was a steep learning curve.  I had worked in retail banking and mortgages since the age of 16. I also have 20 plus years banking experience and an Honours degree in Psychology to boot.

Life at Corona Energy has been amazing, I have built long standing relationships with many of my old CCS customers having managed their portfolios for years and am now building new ones with our TEC and YPO customer groups.

The best part of being at Corona for me is of course the people!  I have met and made close friendships with extraordinary people that will always be in my heart. Corona is no ordinary company that’s for sure, I love our eccentricities and quirkiness that sets us apart from any other energy company.  We have had ups and downs over the years but we always find a way to overcome any obstacles we face.

One more year to go and I look forward to celebrating my 10 year anniversary with this amazing company and coming up with something more exciting and inventive than “the move from Brent Cross” as the highlight of my 10 years service!

Corona Energy Editor