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What’s in a name?

As the US experiences a full solar eclipse today, exposing the sun’s corona, we reflect on our name ‘Corona Energy’, and all that it means to us and our customers.


What is a Corona?


Far from a peaceful place, the surface of the sun is on average 5526 degrees Celsius, radiating light towards the cosmos. In constant motion, flares and loops project plasma into space at 1 to 3 million degrees Celsius. These momentarily escape the sun’s gravity displaying this outer crown of luminous plasma, creating a dazzling array of moving light. This is known as the solar corona.


Why did we choose the name for our company?


Back in 2003 the company Corona Energy was born out of the merger between 3 separate energy companies, 1 of which already had similar physics-based name. Wishing to continue the theme, the new company was named Corona Energy as a tribute to the sun’s crown and to capture the connotations of heat and power. During a subsequent rebrand n 2014, we replaced the Corona ‘man’ which had been the logo for some time, with the Corona ‘swoosh’ (as insiders like to call it) that we have today, which represents the sun’s rays.


What does the name Corona Energy convey?


  • When choosing a name for our company, we wanted something that represented both the industry we work in but, perhaps more importantly, which conveyed our passion, energy and vibrant approach in everything we do.
  • Associating ourselves with the sun conveys our raison d’etre –  to provide heat and light to our customers, just like the sun in keeping the earth warm and light.
  • Furthermore, the word Corona comes from the word ‘Crown’ in Latin, representing our ambition to be leaders in our field.


Today Corona Energy is a leading independent business energy supplier, with over 12,000 business customers large and small. Whilst we have moved on significantly from those early days, nearly 20 years later we still have that same ambition and drive. Whilst the company has grown, the name is just as relevant today as it was back then.


Gillian Thompson