Siteworks is your guarantee of a seamless and efficient energy supply.


Whether installing new supplies or replacing existing meters, our trusted UK-wide engineering force will manage your entire project from concept to completion.


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“Everything went really well, with all parties involved arriving on time and most importantly to me of course, no negative impact on business.

Many thanks once again.” 

David Laing, Siteworks customer 



How it works

First, we’ll establish your specific technical requirements and assign a project manager who’ll keep you updated at each stage of the work. From design and planning through to successful project delivery, we’ll work closely with you, discussing available options and tailoring to suit your business.

What we do

Our siteworks include:

  • Installation and connection of new mains
  • Upgrade of existing supplies
  • New meter and AMR installation
  • Relocation of existing meters
  • Site visits
  • Design, planning and project management
  • Stakeholder liaison

Pirbright Institute video

Working in partnership with Energy Assets, we successfully completed a major gas infrastructure project for Pirbright Institute. This involved a branch saddle connection to the gas main, the laying of 3100m of medium pressure pipe and the installation of a twin stream rotary meter. The project was also delivered 11 weeks ahead of schedule.