Manage your account and raise queries easily with myCorona, our secure and easy-to-use online portal for customers. Add access to our energy management tools to enjoy a bird’s-eye view across your entire portfolio, making it easy to monitor and control the energy your business uses.

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Receive e-Bills and submit reads

Convenient e-Billing comes fully integrated with myCorona, with absolute security thanks to firewall and password protection. Via your dashboard, you can also:

  • Submit reads quickly and easily
  • View contracted prices, site and invoice addresses, meter configuration
  • Check last reads, their origin and date submitted
  • Download forms and access customer information

Enjoy secure and convenient e-Billing with myCorona

Make and view queries

You can create, view and track queries direct from your myCorona dashboard, with the ability to:

  • Create new queries using unique query types
  • Run queries with search functionality
  • Run open, in progress, and closed query reports

Access AMR information

If you have Automated Meter Reading (AMR) installed, you can link directly to your precise, half-hourly usage data from your myCorona dashboard ‐ allowing you to monitor gas consumption more accurately than ever before. For more information, click here

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With AMR installed, you can also manage your energy consumption direct from your myCorona dashboard, with myEnergy. Our online reporting tool lets you see at a glance whether a site or group of sites is using energy as expected, with usage alerts and easy-to-use analysis features to help you improve energy efficiency.

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