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CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is part of the government’s commitment to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information about the CRC scheme or to confirm if your organisation qualifies for being included in the scheme, please visit the Environment Agency’s website or contact our Customer Services team on 0800 804 8589.

As part of the CRC scheme, organisations need to collect information relating to their carbon emissions each year.

To support our customers with this, we can provide annual statements for the period of time we have supplied you, to request an annual statement please contact us.

How to request our statements

Please email your request for an annual statement to You will need to give your Customer number together with a list of all MPRs that you want included in the statement.

If you need statements for any subsidiary organisations that have contracted us independently, please include written authorisation from them in your request. This must include their customer number and MPRs as well as stating you have permission to obtain this data. We require this to clearly state that they are giving you the right to obtain the data, and also to state the customer number and MPRs the letter covers.

Please note that Corona Energy can only provide a statement for the period of time we have supplied you. If you have had more than one gas supplier during the year you will need to make a request to each relevant gas supplier.

Annual statements must include gas consumption up to and including 31st March of the relevant year. Consequently, we can only generate your annual statement once your invoice for gas consumed in March has been issued.