We aim to provide you with the best information to help you in this transition period.

The gas industry is going through a period of change during 23 May and 6 June 2017. This change affects all gas suppliers and, as a result, customers may experience a slight delay in switching to a different supplier. This is because of an initiative to replace the UK Link system which is operated by Xoserve* for energy settlement, meter administration and other functions for the GB gas market. This change is being driven by Ofgem.

The current UK Link systems and services will shut down for approximately one week before go-live with a number of non-effective days required to facilitate the ‘cutover’ to the new system. These non-effective days will be operational between 23 May and 31 May 2017. During this time, no communication can take place between us and Xoserve.

High level benefits of the Gas industry change

Rolling Annual Quantity (AQ) – currently the AQ is calculated by Xoserve annually in time for the start of the gas year (1 October). Following the system change, Xoserve will be able to provide a more accurate consumption figure for this every month because the AQ will be calculated on a rolling month by month basis. This is dependent on a meter read being submitted and the new Settlement Class that is set for your meter.

Other benefits

*Independent Gas Transporters will now be able to share data with Xoserve – some of our smaller transporters known as Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) are unable to transfer information using the Xoserve system, which causes delays. They will be able to do this once the new system and processes are in place. This will allow suppliers to see the relevant IGT data and speed up the process.

*Introduction of new Settlement Classes – a new Settlement Class structure has been created so that all meter points with a Non Daily Metered (NDM) and Daily Metered (DM) supply type are settled in a more accurate and effective way. Four new classes will be introduced:

*Class 1 – is a mandatory settlement for all meter points with a rolling AQ of over 58,600,000 kWh (2,000,000 therms) and those who provide interruptible services – meter reads must be provided daily to Xoserve by 11:00 UKT of the day following the day gas is consumed

The following Class 2, 3 and 4 are for any meter points with a rolling AQ below 58,600,000 kWh (2,000,000 therms)

*Class 2 – meter reads must be provided daily to Xoserve within 24 hours following the day that gas is consumed.

*Class 3 – meter reads must be provided to Xoserve for each day but can be batched up and issued weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

*Class 4 – meter reads must be provided to Xoserve either monthly or annually depending on the size of the rolling AQ. When a meter read is obtained it will be submitted to Xoserve, but we cannot send more than two meter reads in any rolling 24 day period.

Allocation of Unidentified Gas charge removal – The Allocation of Unidentified Gas (AUG) charge has been removed and replaced with the similarly named Unidentified Gas (UIG) charge. The reason for the subtle name change is due to a fundamental change in the calculation of unidentified gas once all of the meter points are individually settled. This gives a more accurate view of unidentified gas.

*Xoserve is the organisation which manages all the gas metering information and data services in Great Britain.

Did you know?

Gas supplies for all customers will remain uninterrupted during this period. The impact on our customers should be minimal. The first business day is 6 June 2017.

Did you know?

You could lower your gas costs with Automated Meter Readings (AMR) – why don’t you speak to us on 0800 804 8589 to see how we could save you time and money?

Did you know?

The AQ and SOQ are used to help us forward purchase your gas. Having an accurate AQ, SOQ and SHQ (where required) allows us to provide you with a competitive price and accurate billing.

Did you know?

If you have meter points nominated on either Class 1 or Class 2, you will need to submit an AQ/SOQ as well as your SHQ (Supply Hourly Quantity) as per the current process. This means that the rolling AQ/SOQ for these supply points will not be automatically changed, but it is still possible for these to be changed following a re-nomination of daily metered information. The meter points on these classes will also be subject to ratchet charges for breaching the SOQ limit for Daily Metered supply types.