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Central Switching Service Outage

An industry wide failure occurred within the Central Switching Service (CSS), meaning that switches due complete on 7th July 2023 have not completed and switches due to complete in the next 28 days may be impacted.

What impact does this have?

An impact assessment is ongoing from the Data Communications Company (DCC)  who are responsible for the CSS.   However, it appears that switches due to be completed 7th July 2023 have not been processed and there will be further impact on switches due to be completed in the next 28 days.

What are we doing?

The supplier community and the DCC are assessing potential solutions to mitigate the impact for future dated switches and preserve switch dates where possible.

What can you do?

No action is required.  We are advocating for our customers centrally and will communicate directly with those impacted by this CSS incident.