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Ofgem reports.

Quarter 3 (July, August, September) 2018

Complaints numberData itemValue%
A1Total agent handled contacts received (calculated automatically)180,389
A2Agent handled telephone calls28,364
A3Agent handled letters3,738
A4Agent handled emails/webforms/webchat/social media148,287
A5Online petitions received0
B6Total complaints received (calculated automatically)470
B7Complaints received by telephone280
B8Complaints received by email/webform/webchat/social media183
B9Complaints received by letter7
B10Complaints received by other format e.g face to face, fax0
C11Complaints resolved (calculated automatically)391
C12Complaints resolved by the end of the first working day after the complaint was received (D+1)20452%
C13Complaints resolved between date complaint received and 56 calendar days (eight weeks)30779%
C14Complaints resolved after 56 calendar days (eight weeks)8421%
C15Average resolution time (in calendar days) for all complaints resolved26
D16Number of letters sent signposting the Ombudsman at 8 weeks0
D17Number of deadlock letters issued3
E18Number of microbusiness electricity customer accounts at the end of the quarter3,836
E19Number of microbusiness gas customer accounts at the end of the quarter5,114
E20Total number of microbusiness electricity and gas accounts (calculated automatically)8,950
E21Complaints resolved per 100,000 customer accounts (calculated automatically)4,369
E22Complaints resolved per 10,000 customer accounts (calculated automatically)437