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Energy Theft

Energy theft is when a gas or electricity meter is bypassed so actual usage cannot be measured or recorded.

Any party found guilty of electricity or gas theft will have their supply disconnected and will likely be prosecuted.

What can happen if a gas or electricity meter is damaged or tampered with?

Any damage or tampering done to a gas meter can result in a build-up of gas in a room, leading to a gas explosion.  

Tampering with an electricity meter can expose wires which can start fires, making electricity equipment and appliances throughout the entire property ‘live’ and capable of fatally electrocuting anyone who touches them.

A tampered gas or electricity meter could destroy people’s businesses and livelihoods or in extreme circumstances cause loss of life.

What happens if people are caught tampering or damaging a meter?

If you are caught tampering or damaging a meter, not only will your supplies likely be disconnected, you will be prosecuted under the law. The Gas and Electricity Acts are legally binding legislation, and any breach of these laws will result in prosecution.

If you suspect energy theft

The theft of gas and power is a huge safety risk for both the person stealing the energy and for other people and properties in the area.

If you suspect energy theft may be occurring, immediately contact one of the following:

  • Corona Energy

Even if we are not be the registered supplier to the suspected meter, we will pass on the case to the correct supplier to initiate an investigation.

If you wish to report a suspected meter tamper to us directly, you can do so by either calling our Customer Services Team on 0800 804 8589 (Option 2) or emailing us at

  • Your Local Network

If you know which gas or electricity network is responsible for the area, you can contact them directly to report meter tampering. The network will then pass the report to the relevant supplier to investigate.

You can find out who your gas or electricity network is here.

  • CrimeStoppers

CrimeStoppers is an independent charity provides the option to anonymously report crimes – including energy theft. You can find more details and submit a report via

Crime Stoppers here.

  • UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA)

The UKRPA is a trade association who are able to pass on energy theft reports to the relevant Supplier. You can find more details and submit a tamper report via UKRPA here.