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What are Out Of Contract Rates?

When your contract with us expires or is terminated and you have not switched to a new supplier, the continuation of supply for gas, electricity or both to your premises would be on our out of contract rate.

The rates that apply to out of contract customers include:

  • A daily standing charge (£/day) to cover third party distribution charges, metering costs and administration costs.
  • A unit rate (pence/KWh) applied to each actual or estimated unit of gas or power supplied.
  • A capacity charge is also payable by half-hourly electricity customers to cover third party distribution charges.

All prices quoted exclude VAT and CCL and our out of contract rates are subject to change.

Your Terms and Conditions remain as per your expired contract.

Detailed below are our Out of Contract rates for gas and electricity

Electricity Until 31 July 2022

PowerUnit rate (p/kWh)Standing Charge (£/day)Availablility Charge £/kVA/day
Non Half-Hourly meter49.723.21
Half-Hourly meter47.743.65-

Electricity from 01 August 2022

PowerUnit rate (p/kWh)Standing Charge (£/day)Availablility Charge £/kVA/day
Non Half-Hourly meter60.553.21
Half-Hourly meter58.563.65-
*DUoS is pass-through for HH meters and is not included in the rates above

Gas Until 31 July 2022

GasSite AQ Band - kWhUnit rate (p/kWh)Standing Charge (£/day)
Band 1<73,20014.953.72
Band 273,201-300,00014.956.80
Band 3300,000-750,00014.9513.20
Band 4750,001-1,450,00014.9518.32
Band 51,450,001-3,000,00014.9529.48
Band 6>3,000,00014.95Site specific

Gas From 01 August 2022

GasSite AQ Band - kWhUnit rate (p/kWh)Standing Charge (£/day)
Band 1<73,20016.663.72
Band 273,201-300,00016.666.80
Band 3300,000-750,00016.6613.20
Band 4750,001-1,450,00016.6618.32
Band 51,450,001-3,000,00016.6629.48
Band 6>3,000,00016.66Site specific