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What is a Network Gas Supply Emergency?

Network Gas Supply Emergencies (NGSE)

A network gas supply emergency can be caused by a number of factors, examples of these would be where gas system demands exceeds total supply or planned gas system capacity or if there is pipeline or equipment failure that causes a deficit in available gas supply volumes against required gas capacity to be used. There are four defined stages for a network gas supply emergency and pre notification of an imbalance in capacity and demand, at each stage the distribution network operators have tools available to bring capacity and demand back in line to prevent further stages of gas supply emergency.


During a Gas Balancing Notification or Stage 1 Pre Emergency if you have a Daily Metered site you will be contacted to curtail supply and support efforts to reduce the capacity required to prevent a Gas Emergency. All network operators will also be using specific tools to attempt to increase or reduce capacity to prevent a Gas Emergency.


If these efforts do not have the desired effect and a Stage 2-3 Gas Emergency is declared, National Grid will take over from gas suppliers and either contact you directly to reduce capacity or isolate supplies. If you are a registered priority consumer, your gas supply will not be affected during a Gas Emergency.


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Network Gas Supply Emergencies (NGSE) | National Gas