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What is an Emergency Power Cut?

Emergency power cuts are implemented to protect the electricity network and carried out by your network operator. Power is switched off to 5% of premises at once and is only used as a last resort. Other tools are used by National Grid ESO to prevent emergency power cuts, these include increasing the amount of energy generated and asking large consuming sites to reduce power consumption.

If National Grid ESO instructs local network operators to implement emergency power cuts, these will be carried out in a rota basis running for a three hour period once or twice a day or until the shortage is over and the network can continue operating safely.

In an Emergency power cut, each electricity meter has been assigned a ‘block letter’, this is clearly identified on your electricity invoices

If you are unable to find the ‘block letter’ on your invoice, or do not have your invoice to hand, please visit (or call 105)  and enter your postcode. On this website you will be able to;

  • Identify your network operator
  • Identify your alpha ‘block letter’
  • Access the timetable of emergency power cuts (if in an emergency situation)

There are a number of limited sites that are protected from an emergency power cuts which are deemed as critical to national infrastructure for example, air traffic control and major hospitals with A&E departments

If you are not already aware of your protected status and wish to apply for protected status please contact your network operator after reviewing the ‘strict criteria’ found at Electricity Supply Emergency Code – GOV.UK (