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What is the non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme (NDAFP)?

Please note that the NDAFP scheme has now closed.

The NDAFP is a scheme providing support to customers who are not connected to the gas grid and use an alternative fuel to heat their premises.

Eligible customers will receive a payment of £150 on their electricity account.

Further detailed information is available here: Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme, Great Britain – GOV.UK (

Who is eligible?

The government have worked with suppliers and provided a list of customers who are eligible for the NDAFP.  Eligible customers have been identified as not connected to the gas grid, by the Gas Transporters via Xoserve, and confirmed via the government’s internal validation process.

What will the discount be?

The NDAFP provides eligible customers a one-off discount of £150 on their electricity account. This discount will be applied before 11 March 2023.

What if I have outstanding debt?

As per the government’s rules, if you have an outstanding debt on your account and are eligible to receive the NDAFP payment, then the £150 will be offset against your outstanding debt.

What do I need to do?

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything! If you are identified by the government and ourselves as being eligible, you will receive a credit note from us showing the £150 payment against your electricity account.