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Fuel Mix Disclosure

Details of our fuel mix supplied by Corona Energy

The fuel mix table represents the combined energy we provided to our customers for the disclosure period 01/04/2022 to 31/03/2023.

Corona Energy Average Fuel Mix

Coal 5.3%

Natural Gas 55.4%

Nuclear 1.3%

Renewable 33.8%

Other 4.2%


CO2 Emissions g/kWh 289

Radioactive Waste g/kWh 0.00009

ECOrona (100% Green)

Coal 0.0%

Natural Gas 0.0%

Nuclear 0.0%

Renewable 100.0%

Other 0.0%


CO2 Emissions g/kWh 0

Radioactive Waste g/kWh 0

Standard Corona

Coal 7.0%

Natural Gas 73.5%

Nuclear 1.7%

Renewable 12.2%

Other 5.6%


CO2 Emissions g/kWh 383

Radioactive Waste g/kWh 0.00012

We are always encouraging organisations to develop their renewable obligations. For more information, contact us.