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Helping NEPO take care of their public sector partners

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Providing gas solutions
Everyone’s perfect partner
Service tailored to suit NEPO’s clients
Taking going green seriously

Providing gas solutions that meet public sector needs

NEPO handle high-value procurement for local authorities and other public sector organisations. Since 2010, we’ve been the sole gas supplier that they use for their clients.

Everyone’s perfect partner

It’s vital NEPO delivers savings, maximises efficiencies and establishes best practices for their partners. And that’s why they work with us. We’re not only public sector compliant, but offer tariffs that make the most of market price reductions, while protecting against increases.

Service tailored to suit NEPO’s clients

Fully flexible purchasing - this enables NEPO to optimise savings for their clients, letting them take advantage of price reductions and avoid increases at the same time.

Fixed contracts - with this it’s possible for NEPO to offer clients fixed price gas contracts with a number of different contract terms to suit the organisation.

Dedicated account and contract management - we work closely with NEPO’s team to provide their clients with a professional, personal service that meets every requirement.

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Taking going green seriously.


renewable energy

If your organisation is keen to demonstrate its eco credentials, we can provide 100% renewable gas and electricity. Our renewable energy is ideal for organisations that take going green seriously.

Biogas from UK renewable generators

Green electricity tariffs at a competitive price

Green gas certification is available