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Microbusiness using under 100,000 kWh for Power

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Did you know that smart meters are underpinning the UK’s transition to a greener, more reliable energy system?  Take a small step to help the UK’s net zero journey by having a smart meter installed.  And then start to enjoy the many benefits of having a smart meter.

All domestic and micro-business gas and electricity customers are eligible for a free installation of a smart meter. Non micro-business customers can opt to have either a smart or an AMR meter installed.  AMR meters and smart meters can both be read remotely; however, they use different technologies and a smart meter has more capabilities.

Once you have registered your interest, our smart meter agent, Energy Assets, will contact you to book your installation appointment.

If we do not supply your electricity and you do not have an electricity smart meter already, you will need to arrange this installation with your other supplier before we can install your gas smart meter.