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How do I access my smart meter data?

From 1st December 2022 any business with an AMR or SMART meter can request their energy consumption data for both gas and electricity for up to 12 months of usage, free of charge. This data is intended to give you insights about your energy consumption throughout this period and how you can monitor and manage your usage.

To receive up to 12 months of half-hourly (HH) data free of charge if you have an AMR or a SMART meter (SMETS 2 version) you can now request your HH consumption data via, please include the following information on the request:

  • MPRN or MPAN
  • Customer Name
  • Account Number
  • Site address
  • AMR or SMART meter installed
  • AMR Service provider if known
  • Email address for log-in details

If you require a third party intermediary (TPI) to have access to this data on your behalf, please provide a Letter of Authority (LOA) that:

  • is on customer business/ customer company headed paper (not TPI letterhead)
  • is signed by an authorised person/ director of the customer company
  • is dated and signed within the last 12 months
  • is not more than 12 months in duration (we require a new LOA every 12 months)
  • confirms the TPI can access your (customer) consumption data

As a matter of Company policy we only accept LOAs that meet all of the above requirements.

If you do not have an AMR or SMART meter, but wish to request an installation please send a request to, please include the following on the request;

  • MPRN or MPAN
  • Customer Name contact number
  • Account Number
  • Site address, contact name and number for installation if different from above