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Microbusiness using under 100,000 kWh for Power

Microbusiness using under 293,000 kWh for Gas
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Certificate for a Reduced Rate of VAT for clients with LOA forms


Please note that a Reduced Rate VAT form will only be accepted and applied to the customer account if:


  • Gas and Power requests are submitted on separate forms
  • Each form is submitted for one account number and the associated meters
  • The bills have been issued by Corona Energy Limited
  • You are the customer or broker submitting the Reduced Rate VAT, you understand that if any of the information provided is incorrect, the customer could be liable for any financial penalties under the VAT Act 1994
  • All the fields on the form are completed correctly, if not it will impact the date the VAT reduced rate is applied. We do not backdate VAT forms.

*  Indicates required fields