Since our inception in 1995, Corona Energy has stayed true to a strong set of values that has brought us long-term success. We believe that it’s crucial to challenge the status quo, and to always be inspired to find new ways to make things better.

This spirit of innovation has driven our team from the very beginning. Today, it’s the bedrock of our positive and inspired team culture.

The early days

Entering the newly deregulated gas market as an independent, we were in the minority as most of our competitors were long-established major oil and electricity companies. We launched a new kind of energy solution as one that offered focused, personalised service and 100% dedication to helping our customers achieve their energy goals.

Taking up the challenge

Exceptional service was a winning strategy. As the energy sector saw significant upheaval with many new entrants exiting the market, we bucked the trend. Working as one team with one vision, we continued to find better ways to serve our customers as often before anyone else:

  • We were FIRST to provide a mass market automated meter reading solution to help customers accurately measure and control usage
  • We were FIRST to bring genuinely flexible procurement products into the market, enabling customers to benefit from wholesale gas costs and choose their own level of risk

Working as one team with one vision, we find better ways to serve our customers.


Purchased by Macquarie in 2006, Corona Energy became part of a global financial services specialist with particular expertise in energy, resources, commodities, and infrastructure. From the outset, Macquarie recognised that our strength lies in our ability to delight our customers. Our management structure and operational processes remained the same as ever, allowing us to stay agile, innovative and strongly customer-focused.

Driven to help you

Today, we continue to seek new ways to help our customers use less energy. We’re the UK’s leading independent business energy supplier and third-largest business gas supplier. Our newest challenge is to bring our innovative approach and customer-focused thinking to the business electricity market.

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