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Microbusiness using under 100,000 kWh for Power

Microbusiness using under 293,000 kWh for Gas
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5 Reasons To Switch To Corona Energy

We’re here to answer those questions for you, and give you some valuable reasons as to…


COVID19 Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is aligned with up to date Government guidance at the time of the…


Note from our CEO, Neil Mitchell

We are all facing unprecedented and challenging times for our businesses, our teams and our families…


September 2019 Industry Newsletter

It’s safe to say that Energy regulation isn’t the easiest subject matter – it can be…


Energy Regulation and Storage: The Future of the Network?

What do most of these have in common? They tend to talk about the technological possibilities…


Blockchain – how can it be applied to the utilities industry?

Put simply, a blockchain is a public ledger comprising of a chain of blocks, with each…


Environmental awareness

When looking for new offices we wanted to ensure the impact on the environment was kept…


HMRC saves through Corona Energy Manager Scheme

“Initially I was sceptical. The idea that Corona Energy was helping HMRC to save on the…


£170K in commercial benefits realised by identifying Deemed Meters

Many CCS gas customers add meters to their portfolio throughout the year, but they may inadvertently…


Central Primary School

Each year at Corona Energy we choose a local charity and this is where we focus…